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Do you operate through your own limited company and work on government contracts?

From April 2017, you will be affected by the incoming changes to manage your IR35 status. 

These changes could significantly affect your earnings potential.

It’s a game changer - you will no longer be in control of assessing the IR35 status of these contracts.

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your contracting engagements…

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From April 2017, the new IR35 rules will see the responsibility of determining the IR35 status of each public sector contract moving to the hiring public sector body, and paying the correct tax move from the contractor and their limited company to an intermediary or entity “closest” to the contractor.

With the migration of this responsibility to a third party, the 5% expenses allowance for contracts inside of IR35 has also been removed.

The government estimates that only 10% of Personal Service Companies (PSCs) who should be operating inside of IR35 are actually doing so, and that there are 20,000 non-compliant PSCs in the public sector.

Are you worried about the changes? Unsure what you can do?

We believe that you have 3 options:

  • You could work through an umbrella company for your government contracts, but your PSC would still need to be managed to allow you to maximise your earnings capacity for private sector contracts if you wanted to continue to contract in the private sector or undertake multiple contracts simultaneously.
  • You could turn down government contracts and focus on private sector contracts.
  • Engage Pulse Accounting and utilise our Amulet service to manage the situation for you.

Why Choose Amulet?

Working with contractors who have a PSC is what Pulse Accounting was created to do and does well.  Establishing if you as a contractor, works in a way that is caught within the IR35 rules and wider employment legislation is not new to us and so our services are already firmly positioned to service PSCs to comply with the regulations.

Reasons to choose Amulet:

   Operating a PSC within the new rules will be completely different to anything done before

    We ensure compliance for every part of the supply chain

    Our team of experts will ensure the correct payroll calculations are undertaken and outgoing invoices will reflect the net figure

    We understand the differences between government contracts vs private sector contracts

    Our seamless service ensures you don’t have to worry about the changes and can get on with your day job

    Transparent and simple pricing structure

    Cost effective solution to the new off-payroll changes

    We are experienced contractor accountants who are there to support you 24/7

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