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Online Accountancy

Back when people thought the world was flat and men wore the trousers, accountants needed you to send them bits of paper and complete complicated and fiddly spreadsheets which you’d send to them at the end of the year. Unless you’re a super organised person you’d almost certainly end up under a huge pile of receipts and a year's worth of bank statements the day before they were due. You’d need to remember what each transaction was and enter each expense one by one.

Welcome to the 21st century!

The good news is that those days are well and truly over. The bad news is that most accountants haven’t read the memo.

But fear not, at Pulse, we got the memo but it didn’t really matter as we were already busy partnering with FreeAgent, the UK’s market leading cloud based accounting software which does all sorts of clever things and will make your life better than you could possibly imagine. You may even have the time you need to rediscover your love of taxidermy or basket weaving.

We also knew that a funky online accountancy system was all well and good, but was ultimately pointless without a team of clever accountants and helpers to make it really special. So that’s what we did. We went and found the best accountants and helpers we could possibly find, and we chose the best accountancy system you will find.

So it’s all online, in real time, no paper, backed up by a team of experts. What more could you possibly ask for?

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Easy-to-use accounting software

Designed specifically for Contractors FreeAgent makes it really simple to stay on top of your the day to day stuff, whilst working alongside our expert team of accountants and helpers to make sure you always receive the best and most up to date advice and tax planning.

FreeAgent is totally web based so there's nothing to download, update, or install and you can access it on the go, from your mobile, tablet or laptop.  Your data is safely backed-up and FreeAgent uses the same level of encryption to talk to your computer as banks use, they even store your data in a former nuclear bunker.

FreeAgent supports your bookkeeping and accounting:

  • Create professional looking estimates and invoices, send then chase payment automatically
  • Easy reconciliation of your bank transactions with automated bank feeds into your FreeAgent account
  • Effortless expenses management
  • Run monthly payroll and file RTI directly to HMRC
  • Manage projects, track time and generate timesheet reports
  • Submit your VAT return directly to HMRC through FreeAgent




Pulse Accounting and FreeAgent is perfectly optimised for mobile devices so you can access your accounts when you’re on the go. Simply log in to FreeAgent on your device to get going. FreeAgent gives you a real-time overview of your business finances making it easy for you to track your cash flow and other important financial aspects of your business in real-time. There are no restrictions on the number of transactions you can process in FreeAgent. You can also choose to give access to as many people as necessary for your business. As your accountants we’ll also have access, which means that we can deliver instant, better and more relevant advice on an up-to-date set of figures.